Magento FAQs – Differences in Community and Enterprise Editions

Magento FAQs – Differences in Community and Enterprise Editions

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Since magento-150x150its mid-quarter release in 2008, Magento has been the first choice for E-commerce development and it still prevails the same effect. Magento development is the most secure, flexible and customizable solutions for business who are new to e-commerce or switching to this niche. Upon its popularity and evolution, Magento Inc. has released two editions for Magento, the Community edition and the Enterprise edition. There is still some confusion among developers or users about these editions and their usability. Let’s have a look at some differences between these two:

Advantages of Advanced Features and Functionality

Since its launch, Magento is open source and both editions are targeted to different audiences. The community edition is meant for small startup e-commerce business with basic yet powerful solutions. At the same time, the Enterprise edition is meant for those retailers who require more advanced features, customization, and functionality to their e-commerce business.

Magento Team Support

With the Enterprise edition, the retailer signs a Service Level Aggrievement(SLA) with Magento support and will be having the advantage agents development team support for tiniest issues. Neither the agreement nor the service is available to Community users. They can take care of support issues with their own development team or through Community discussion forums.

Efficient Bug Tracking

The bug Fixing service is provided to both of editions users which comes to act when you report a bug in your Magento platform to the Magento team. Although the bug resolution service is available to both user types, however sometimes the Magento development team gives much priority to Enterprise edition users as compared to Community edition users due to SLAs.

If you’re a small startup you can manage with the Community edition, but if you’re a large retailer and switching for Magento then you got to choose the Enterprise or Enterprise Premium Edition. With much more competition on retailing and so many new functionalities to count in for your business, you need to choose the right Magento edition. Recently Magento also launched the Magento Go feature, where a non-techno buff can also create an e-commerce web app.

At Andolasoft, we always try to build a high quality e-commerce web app with a much higher quality interface, scalability, and customization. Magento development is one of our major expertise and we’ve developed many custom Magento based e-commerce applications, modules, and other extensions. Whether you’re a startup e-commerce business or a large retailer switching to e-commerce, we can help you by building search friendly and secure websites as per your requirements. We’ve expert Magento developers who can provide top-notch year-round service for your e-commerce solution

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