iPhone-The largest selling Smartphone in USA irrespective of some flaws

iPhone-The largest selling Smartphone in USA irrespective of some flaws

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iphoneSince the release of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple has received mixed reviews for its new operating system as well as the iPhone 5 design. But it has turned out to be the most popular smartphone in US, Apple has managed to gain around 48% of US market share from the iPhone5. Despite of some faulty applications, iPhone is still popular in US

New features like faster processor, taller screen and slimmer design have definitely played a crucial part in driving iPhone’s success to nearly half the share in United States. Surveys reveal that customer’s loyalty is also the reason behind Apple’s profound hold on US market. Beside the hardware updates there are other features like Siri, cloud integration with the safari and Facebook photo sharing integrations, which works seamlessly with the device. As expected, the retina Display is pretty staggering and the A6 chip has improved the performance and speed to a great deal.

With the introduction of iOS6,iPhone application developers have found better opportunity to explore more features and customization of their codes. Since its first release, developers around the world are trying to develop applications for iOS6. The Retina display, taller screen and faster A6 processor allows developers to create stunning application with high resolution images and complex functionalities.

Even though Apple’s Map App is filled with flaws and still remains unfixed, it seems to have no effect on the iPhone lovers in US. They solved the problem by using Google maps instead of Apple’s native navigation app.





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