Kick off Your Small Business with Magento Go

Kick off Your Small Business with Magento Go

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MagentoWith internet prevailing its effect on every corner, businesses got the chance to spread across the world.

Once a small cotton factory is now the biggest ready-made clothing supplier of the world and this is not a single instance as there are millions like this.

Keeping that legacy alive, Magento development platform launched the online e-commerce building platform Magento Go. Magento Go lets you develop an online store for your small business with very much less investment.

And the best thing is you don’t need to be a techno-buff for this due to its simplest operations and easy learning interface.

Magento introduced a SaaS (software-as-a-service) version of its e-commerce platform named Magento Go. Magento Go allows small businesses or merchants to build easy-to-use shopping portals for customers around the world.

If you’re thinking of setting up an online store for your various product ranges, then Magento Go can help you build your store with your designs.

Magento Go include some basic features like Order Management, Customer Analytics and some cool features like Coupons and Gift Cards, which were not available in the Magento Community edition.

The designs, impressive templates, product flexibility, and search engine friendliness are some of the major features in Magento Go.

Magneto Development team recently updated additional features to Magento Go for merchants of the United Kingdom like Royal Mail Shipping, UK Cookie law compliance, improved PayPal payments, VATs and many more.

A trial out period of 30 days is available for Magento Go which can be then subscribed with fewer cost plans to run your e-commerce business. Customer engagement majors like assisted shopping, product comparisons, and wish lists are also taken to make the interactions more useful.

Magneto Connect which is a market for a place for other Magento Go plug-ins is available for merchants who want to add additional features to their stores.

Magento Go is really going to kick off your small business if you know optimal utilization of the resources available to reach the maximum number of people.

At Andolasoft we’ve got expert developers on Magento development who have broad experience over handling individual projects on Magento. We have been developing the best quality, highly scalable websites for small to large scale enterprises.

Whether you’re a start-up e-commerce business or a large retailer switching to e-commerce, we can help you by building search friendly and secure websites as per your requirements.


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