Recaptcha3ReCaptcha is a powerful captcha service to be use with a form to stop spam. This blog demonstrates the use of reCaptcha in rails application. Here I have used the ruby version 1.9.3 and Rails version 3.2.8


  • Ruby version – 1.9.3
  • Rails – 3.2.8


Create an account with recaptcha “” and register your site name with your google account to retrieve public and private key that will be used later on the application


Installation of recaptcha

  • Gem
  • Open your Gemfile and add this code
gem 'recaptcha', :require => 'recaptcha/rails'
  • Plugin
  • rails plugin install git://


Create a file named recaptcha.rb in RAILS_ROOT/config/initializer and fill it with these codes

ENV['RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY'] = 'youractualpublickey' ENV['RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY'] = 'youractualprivatekey'


Usages Open your views file and add this code

<%= recaptcha_tags %>


Validation In controller, you can check the captcha validation by the following

if && verify_recaptcha(:model => @developer, :message => "Oh! It's error with reCAPTCHA!") #captcha is valid else #captcha is invalid end