Creation of a new Rails App using Refinery CMS

Creation of a new Rails App using Refinery CMS

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refinerycms-logo1RefineryCMS is a powerful Ruby on Rails CMS. Here I have created a blog-cms application using Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.8

Install the refinerycms gem version 2.0.8 from the terminal

gem install refinerycms

Create a new rails application with ‘mysql’ database using command line in the terminal

refinerycms myblog -d mysql

It will automatically run the following commands

bundle install</div>
<div>rake  db:create db:migrate</div>
<div>rake  db:seed

Go to the app on the terminal

cd myblog

Start the rails server in the terminal

rails s

Open a browser window and navigate to “http://localhost:3000/”
The signup window pops up to prompt to create your first Refinery user. This is the Superuser of Refinery, who has the ability to create other users.
That’s it!
The application runs now.
Other useful information to customize Refinery CMS application

  • You can change the “Site Name” to a name of your choice currently displaying in the home page

In “config/initializers/refinery/core.rb”
config.site_name = “Company Name”

  • You can customize the Design or functionality

To override files from refinerycms to existing app we have to use the below commands

rake refinery:override view=file_name

Here are some examples:

rake refinery:override view=pages/home</div>
<div>rake refinery:override view=refinery/pages/home</div>
<div>rake refinery:override view=**/*menu</div>
<div>rake refinery:override view=_menu_branch</div>
<div>rake refinery:override javascript=admin</div>
<div>rake refinery:override javascript=refinery/site_bar</div>
<div>rake refinery:override stylesheet=home</div>
<div>rake refinery:override stylesheet=refinery/site_bar</div>
<div>rake refinery:override controller=pages</div>
<div>rake refinery:override model=page</div>
<div>rake refinery:override model=refinery/page</div>
<div>rake refinery:override presenter=refinery/page_presenter

Implementation of other refinerycms engines are also available
For example:
Add the gem to your applications Gemfile

  • gem ‘refinerycms-page-images’, ‘~> 2.0.0′
  • Execute bundle install
  • rails generate refinery:engine name


  • rails generate refinery:page_images
  • rake db:migrate
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