Various Components and Platforms For Mobile Application Development

Various Components and Platforms For Mobile Application Development


In the era of latest technologies the mobile applications are becoming more n more popular being handy and easy-to-use with the help of latest gadgets.

People are not only taking full advantage of these gadgets but also getting profit in market through selling variety of mobile applications. These are safe, user-friendly and easily accessible regardless of geographical location. Prior to this technology the platforms like Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux were used for mobile application development and the runtime environment like Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, RIM, virtual machines such as Java/J2ME, BREW, Flash were used to execute the applications. Now Android and Java are playing a vital role in creative mobile application development environment.

Android is a framework built specifically for mobile devices. It has a well-designed operating system through Linux by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Day-by-day it becomes the hottest, fast growing mobile platform in the world for mobile application development. Android is the exceptional platform that allows android developer to build unique, creative, sophisticate and multi tasking applications. In android smart phones the android applications can run simultaneously without affecting the performance.

Java is not only built for web pages or web application development but also it has huge contribution towards mobile application development. Using Java, html and css a java developer can build more powerful & faster mobile applications than the old generation applications written in C. Most smart phone mobile applications are built with J2ME components. J2ME mobile applications are more popular and widely used platform for wireless phones among the top manufacturing smart phone companies like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android.

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