Ruby Rails Development Sphere & Associated Myths

Ruby Rails Development Sphere & Associated Myths

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rorRuby on Rails development is fast changing the norms of web development across the globe. Companies around the world are fast catching up with this magical web development framework for exploring and executing its true potentials; thereby serving their clients with really cost-effective, quick and dynamic Ruby on Rails Applications. Ruby developers and Rails developers are becoming the most sought after skilled professionals, for Software companies to hunt for.

Ruby on Rails, being an Open Source tool, coupled with fast development life cycle, requires much less resources in terms of Programmers and man-hours; which results in the service provider and client being the ultimate beneficiaries. Silicon Valley based leading Software firm, Andolasoft Inc. is a formidable force to reckon with as far as Ruby on Rails development is concerned. With a vast pool of Programmers as well as Domain Leads, this fairly young Enterprise has carved out many Social Networking Sites, Social Media Marketing web apps. Andolasoft services include but not limited to RoR Development, RoR Application Migration, Social Media Integration, System Administration, Redesigning of Existing Apps, Performance Improvement Related Tasks and Rescue Support.

Irrespective of all its popularity, RoR also has few myths related to it.

Applications can be built hundreds of thousands times faster than other technologies: The fact is Rails doesn’t write the code automatically. It just lets the developers work easy by managing certain functionalities; thereby allowing them to focus on other crucial modules. It also manages the laborious part of lifting of user interactive modules. Having said that, such myths reflects a wrong opinion upon customers, whose expectations sometimes become too high for the service providers.

Even Non-programmers can build web applications: This is by far the silliest perception about Rails development. Although the simplicity of this framework and clean syntax of ruby language assist in quick development, but still experience is required as far as writing code is concerned. Rails developers do need to write new and unique code, apart from using the Rails conventions on top a comprehensive web development framework.

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