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Why Ruby is getting popular among languages?

Banner_ROR_Getting_popular_than_other_languages_0717Welcome back to yet another fresh article from Andolasoft. Here, I discuss why Ruby is getting famous. Ruby is purely an Object Oriented Programming Language which focuses on simplicity thus giving more productivity. It was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan in the year 1995....

Top 5 Steps to Use Camera Functionality in Landscape for iPhone/iPad

iOS_Infographics_0526_Blog_Banner_v3In iOS, most of the apps capture pictures either from camera or from the existing image library. Further, apps require uploading or saving the same in application bundle for future usage. The iOS library contains a very useful class known as ‘UIImagePickerController’ which has a...

How to Integrate Facebook SDK to your Android App

Banner_Android_0629_v2 (1)With the gaining enourmous popularity Android Apps are a part of our everyday life with a whopping 1.5 million apps in Google Play Store to choose from. The Facebook SDK for Android is meant for integrating the Android app with Facebook such as support for Login...

Top 10 Reasons Why You should use WordPress

Banner_wp_top_10_reasonsI would like to explain why you should prefer WordPress over traditional website? 45% of the websites run on WordPress and counting. The Infographic below describes the Top 10 Reasons why you should go for WordPress; We are sure this article will help you to...

How to get rid of Slow WordPress Sites

Banner_wp_website-Slow_v1 (1)Does your WordPress website takes more than 4 to 5 seconds to load? Then you should definitely read this! We are in a fast paced world and here time is money. No one likes waiting around for a site to load. In case you are...

Will ‘Fragment’ rule over ‘Activity’ the Android World in the Future?

Banner_Androi1Why to Use Fragment? What Is It All About! A Fragment is an application’s user interface that can be placed in an activity which will enable more modular activity design for an application.You would be able to add multiple fragments in a single activity to...

How to safeguard your WordPress site against HACKING

WP_Infographics_Banner_v1  If you have website(s) that uses WordPress, you must go down to read this blog. Over the period it is a growing concern for the webmasters world-wide about the security of their WordPress websites. The core of WordPress is quite strong and as such...

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You Exactly About Google Mobile Friendliness (Infographic)

AS_blog_Banner_v1Recently, Google has made an announcement – April 21 onwards, the mobile-friendliness of sites will be considered as a ranking signal by the search engine giant. According to recent survey and research, for 2015 almost 31% of web traffic is shared by smartphones with a...

Andolasoft – Ranked 2nd in Mobile App Development April’2015

AS_Blog_v10Yet another milestone achieved by Andolasoft in this year. We thrive to look better every day by providing quality services to satisfy customer expectations. This year too, we have been ranked as the 2nd best company by “Best Web Design Agencies” in the category – “The...

Free Magento Plug-in: Add Promotional Banner to your home page with “Easy Homepage Banner”

Magento Extensions and plug-ins are simply a great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores. Magento, is quick and easy E-commerce software to build highly scalable online store. Magento software is built on Zend PHP framework which provides great flexibility and reliability to Magento powered stores. No doubt, there are more than 1700+ extensions built for Magento stores, the number of extensions are increasing day-by-day which adds up to the vitality of your stores.

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