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9 Tips to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme

500+188-WPWordPress is amazing because it requires minimal technical knowledge. However, few things need to be taken into consideration while selecting the perfect theme for your website. This article will help you in doing so. Conclusion UI should always be the main factor while finalising a...

How to Get your iOS App on the AppStore

IOS-to-App-store-v1Every iOS application developed for public use must be approved by Apple followed by the app release. The process is pretty straightforward, with just a form to be filled up. However, finalizing the launch date has its challenges when you are not sure how long...

How to Insert Multiple Rows in CakePHP 3

Multiple Rows with CakePHP 500-188 v2One of my many issues with CakePHP 2 was lack of multi row inserts. Cake2 allows saving multiple rows through a single call via saveMany but the issue is with bunch of single row inserts which can be really slow down when inserting large data....

Module in ‘Ruby’ and its Usages in ‘Rails’

Ruby_Feature ImageIntroduction: Ruby is basically an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language which is based upon various components such as classes, object, variables etc. It also provides a nice building block for applications which is known as module. A module is a collection of methods and constants....

Android: How to Solve Video Compression

b3A high quality recording by an Android phone for 30 seconds is around 40 to 45 MB in size. However, the storage space is not a concern now-a-days! However, it is a concern for anyone while sharing the video through an app or mail. For...

4 Quick Steps to Export HTML Content to Doc in CakePHP

b4Step#1: Build the <HTML> content dynamically according to the requirement. Step#2: Store the <HTML>content in a variable (Example: $ExportContent)   Step#3: After building the content pass appropriate headers to convert this <HTML>content to Doc Step#4: Provide file name to “Content-Disposition” header that we want to...

What to Choose: Native vs Web vs Hybrid

b5Companies eager to build their own mobile apps have to figure out app development frameworks taking into account device integrations and access methods when choosing the types of apps to develop and deliver. One has to be very thorough when deciding on what kind of...

Why Go for Offshore Outsourcing

b6Offshore Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a vendor to get the work done at offshore, utilizing a larger pool of skilled resources. Benefits Zero investment aiming at high returns Avoid keeping resources on payroll when there is no assurance of projects Access to experienced...

Secure Your Rails Applications, Effortlessly

b7What is Session? In networking “Session” indicates the time of browsing a website by a user, a semi-permanent information exchange between a user and a computer. In a session, the user has to authenticate on every request for his identity. As Webpages are having no...

Importance of QA in App Development

b8Be it for enterprise or consumer use, mobile application development is escalating at a radical rate. This exponential growth in app market generates the need for stringent QA (Quality Assurance). Role of a QA in Mobile Techs QA has an immeasurable power to find the...

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