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Mobile App to help improve ‘Erratic Eating Habits’: myCircadianClock

Banner_Salk_1029_v1What is “myCircadianClock”? It is an app that records patterns of food intake of humans and provides a personalized “feedogram” to help them improve their erratic eating habits and stay fit by losing weight. Scientists @ Salk Institute Dr. Satchidananda Panda and Dr. Gill have...

An Exciting WordPress Plugin – the ‘Responsive Slider Plugin’

Andolasoft’s 'Responsive slider plugin' allows you to create, manage and publish sliders (with pictures/text) onto your website by dragging-droppping resulting responsive slider to fit any device screen. The slider can be transistioned in 4 directions, viz.
Left + Right + Top + Bottom

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Banner_WP_0911The most common question among most businesses – What’s the difference between and Which one is right for your business? Not sure! In single line: One is limited, the other is not. One is Free, the other is not. In order to give...

How to use ‘Google Fit’ in Android!

Banner_Android_0904We have some exciting news for all fitness freaks out there! If you’re using an Android device –  you can use Google Fit; a fitness app that helps you out to track your activities effortlessly to keep you more active, aware and motivated. When it comes to...

Bring Down your WordPress page-load time to Milliseconds in 7 easy steps

Banner_WP_0820_v1At Andolasoft we are obsessed with your website performances, i.e., minimum page-load time. One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is – “Can you help me get my website load faster?”. It is extremely important to know that why a website...

7 Quick Steps to Get Started with Material Design on Android

Banner_Android_0806_v2What is Material Design! Material design introduced in Android Lollipop. A lot of new things are added in material designs such as new widgets, custom shadows, custom animations and more. However, there are certain principles and guidelines for every design implementation. New widgets and components...

7 Quick Steps to Integrate Google Analytics in iOS App!

Banner_iOS_0807_v1As we know, prior to starting any business market study is a must. In other words, it is apparent to know what already exists and what is in demand. Here are few market study tools to track the usage of application such as, Google Analytics,...

10 Useful WordPress Functions You Can’t Live Without!

Banner_WP_0729_v3We are back with yet another WordPress article. Over the period, it has become one of the most sought after CMS platform and has been growing consistently, getting popular every day. WordPress presents a versatile CMS environment to the developers as well as to users for...

Why Ruby is getting popular among languages?

Banner_ROR_Getting_popular_than_other_languages_0717Welcome back to yet another fresh article from Andolasoft. Here, I discuss why Ruby is getting famous. Ruby is purely an Object Oriented Programming Language which focuses on simplicity thus giving more productivity. It was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan in the year 1995....

Top 5 Steps to Use Camera Functionality in Landscape for iPhone/iPad

iOS_Infographics_0526_Blog_Banner_v3In iOS, most of the apps capture pictures either from camera or from the existing image library. Further, apps require uploading or saving the same in application bundle for future usage. The iOS library contains a very useful class known as ‘UIImagePickerController’ which has a...